Best Temp Control Mods

Some of the best mods of 2017 and some of the units mentioned below are carry-overs from 2016. Right now the following box mods top the list for temperature control (TC) devices.

Mods featured below are not going to be 200W by default, even though there are easily top 10 200W TC box mods I could list. That would not be a well-rounded selection or representative of the best products.

Vapers’ expectations are varied, but one thing they should always be on the look-out for is a trustworthy brand. All temp control units listed below are made by companies which vapers know and trust.

Additionally, 200 watts is more than a majority of vapers will use. Not long ago, 40-50 watts was pretty substantial for most people’s needs, and now, 100 watts is plenty for many people. Granted some people want something that is a bit higher than 100 watts, even if they do run that amount of power, so that they aren’t pushing the machine to the limit.

The Best Temperature Control Mods For 2017

SMOK Alien 220W

This is one of the latest releases by SMOKTECH in 2017, and has been a smash hit. One reason people love this device is that it is very compact, about as compact as it gets for a dual 18650 TC mod. It is slightly rounded around the sides so that it is very comfortable carrying around, and one side is the firing button, so you never have to look for it, just squeeze it on the side.

It comes with all the features you could want in a mod, and for TC modes, it has Titanium, Stainless Steel and Nickel modes. It also fires up to 220 watts to keep you happy if you want to switch over to wattage mode. For the price, it is hard to beat this device, and it pairs very well with the TFV8 series, both the regular Cloud Beast and the Baby versions.

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini Starter Kits

We wouldn’t want you to think we are biased against mods below 200W capabilities. The eVic VTC Mini by Joyetech is a lovely machine. Whether you can hit 200W or just 60W as here, a TC device can still reach those high temperatures. A lower-watt mod just takes longer. With a single removable battery required, this attractively colored unit is also light and compact. There is a good-size OLED display in spite of its small size where vapers can view possible modes: Titanium, Nickel, or VW settings plus Bypass (a.k.a. Voltage) modes.

Fire the eVic VTC Mini between 1W and 60W or 200F and 600F and choose resistance as low as 0.15 ohms. A USB port allows you to recharge the battery in situ but it’s better to remove a battery and utilize USB compatibility for upgrading technical specs.

Volcano LavaBox DNA 200


Evolv’s technology with Volcano’s design makes for a high-end combo. Volcano further strengthened the union by building their frame from light, sturdy 6061 Billet Aluminum with optional grips in multiple colors. Set watts between 1 and 200. With TC coils, you can also set the temperature as high as 600F.

Their DNA-powered OLED display shows you how things are going: where your temperature is at and so on. With 8 available user profiles, Volcano made convenience and customization among their top priorities. Any pairing with Evolv is a good one, although it does tend to force the price up.


SMOK R200 Black

You might have wondered when SMOK was going to make an appearance. They are, after all, one of the top-rated vape brands. Their R200 TC Mod provides the same temperature range as you have come to expect from a temperature control device plus a low of 1W functionality.

It supports resistance to a minimum of 0.06 or 0.1 ohms when your device is set for variable watt operation. Painted with easy-grip coating and providing a “sunken” control panel, the R200 was designed with durability in mind.

Kanger KBox 200W

Kanger KBOX 200W White

While the KBOX maintains moderate dimensions, Kanger provides their technology with a substantial kick: up to 200W. Their most powerful unit so far also supports Nickel, Titanium, and SS coils along with NiChrome for VW vaping.

A 510-threaded well flexibly accommodates a variety of tanks ,so choose one that is compatible with temperature control coils for 0.05-ohm vaping and above. Kanger’s LCD screen brightly displays your output, temperature, and resistance the way you set things up using small control buttons, black against white or red; red against a black frame.

Construction using zinc and aluminum alloys facilitates the creation of a device both light and durable. Vapers will need to install a couple of batteries but a small port is also installed for USB charging and firmware updates.

iStick TC100W

iStick TC100W Black

The iStick grew up with this device featuring Titanium, Ni200, and 316SS modes. Resistance range is 0.05 to 1.5 ohms. Use two or just one 18650 battery: a single cell will take vapers to 75W while dual batteries power you up for 100W capacity. Designed for stealth, all the bright iStick colors are gone, replaced by discrete tones. You are protected from the usual possibilities: reverse battery, short circuit, and so on. One of the best features of this Eleaf product is its shape. Battery banks placed either side provide a rounded feel and appearance whether you hold it in your left or right hand.

Sigelei 200W Fuchai

Sigelei Fuchai 200W Colors

Here we are, back to the big boys, with Sigelei’s formidable Fuchai. Blue, red, and black are your color choices. Blue seems a gentle-looking mod, but it’s a Trojan Horse. That soft exterior contains massive power: 5W to 200W and 212F to 572F. Zinc alloy allows vapers to carry their substantial device around but not feel like they are lifting a brick. Set up with an atomizer tank containing a Kanthal or TC coil from 0.05 to 2.5 ohms. You’ll be warned if two removable batteries are replaced wrong-way around, voltage is low, or resistance has dropped under 0.05 ohms.

Sigelei T150 Temperature Control Mod T150

I’m fantasizing about a mod that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, but this is the most hotly anticipated TC mod for a long time. The Sigelei T150 is a real gem. The screen takes up an entire face and employs color graphics, words, numbers, and technical specifications to tell you what is happening on the inside.

It’s like a Smartphone. Press the start button to the right of the screen then use the screen as you would a touch-screen, handheld cell phone. There are fewer elements of hardware to break down this way (buttons tend to stick or become loose and fall out over time).

The Sigelei T150 prevents overheating in Variable Watt mode but also recognizes TC coils when you choose the temperature control function (Ni200 or Titanium). Select from 5W to 150W and 0.2 ohms to 3 ohms and remove batteries for recharging.

Pioneer4You iPV5 iPV 5

Here is another anticipated addition to the slate of Temperature Control devices. A new Yihi SX chip facilitates temperature control and Variable Watt function with appropriate tanks and vaping up to 200W with dual, removable 18650 batteries sold separately.

Vapers are also able to restore power to batteries via USB. Select a maximum temperature of 572F and the screen provides info all the time about watts, temperature, ohms, etc. The Yihi SX330-200 chip is upgradable and protective, prevents short-circuit, reverse battery problems, and more.

JoyeTech Cuboid

Joyetech Cuboids

This 150-watt dual-battery unit uses temperature coefficient for accurate resistance-to-temperature adjustment. A large display shows watts rising from 1 to 150 as you prefer, or falling if you are using temperature control and the coils have reached your chosen value.

Wattage limit can be increased to 200W with upgradable firmware: just plug the unit into a computer using the built-in USB port and cable provided. Watch your temperature climb as high as 600F or drop to a minimum of 200F for low-temperature vaping.

The Cuboid efficiently supports atomizer resistance as low as 0.05. With all of its power potential, you would expect a big unit, but the Cuboid is compact: like an iStick 40W but in neutral, discrete colors.

Sigelei Mini Book 40W Mini Books

You need a low-watt option on this list, not just a bunch of muscular show-offs: a 40W vaporizer from a proven player like Sigelei. They specialize in making great mods rather than tanks and their design portfolio supplies a generous range of style and power options.

This mini book, however, is probably the cutest of them all. Resembling a small folded book, one side is soft and round creating the perfect shape in your hand while holding a removable battery. The rest is big enough for a display and it comes in lots of colors too.

While small, this is still a temperature control mod and it fits with the top 5 because of its capacity for sub ohm cloud production. Use a specially selected high-quality coil and reach ohms of 0.05 when you are ready to really push your vaping limits.

Tesla 200W TC

Tesla 200W TC Mods

A 200W mod containing two removable batteries can become heavy, but making it out of aluminum mitigates this weight issue. Tesla kindly refrains from loading up on weight and aluminum is durable anyway. The Tesla 200W TC provides a range of 100C to 300C/200F to 600F, 7W to 200W, and 0.08 minimum resistance. Install Temperature Control coils into a sub ohm tank. The Tesla 200W TC’s shape is basic, like a box with rounded edges, but textured carbon fiber jazzes up the simplicity of gray and black with user-friendly, simple controls.

VaporShark DNA 200

Vaporshark DNA 200

This is an Evolv mod featuring the DNA200 chipset. Vaporshark produces a mod machined from 6031 Aluminum coated three times to produce a device that looks heavy but carries light. Black rubber feels good against your hands. Built-in cells, monitored individually, are recharged by USB and serve a mod capable of output between a measly 1W and a feisty 200W. The power button is illuminated, handy when the whole device is black. Choose 0.1-ohm to 2-ohm resistance when you scroll through the wattage menu. Select 0.08 to 1 ohm as you experiment with temperature control as high as 600F. The DNA200 protects you and your device from low resistance, low battery power, and a high temperature.


SMY 170 TC

SMY 170W TC Black

I would give SMY a higher rating but for the fact that they aren’t yet as well-proven as brands like Eleaf and Kanger. If looks were all that mattered, this would be number 1. A huge color screen depicts information in symbols and graphics. It’s possible to hit 200W using regular coils; 170W represents your highest TC setting with 0.05-ohm coil builds. Two 18650-series batteries are not included and fit into either side, as with the iStick above, softening the box shape.

Aspire Pegasus

aspire pegasus mods

Aspire’s classy device can be powered at up to 70W and 0.2 to 5 ohms. Replace the single battery with a fresh one when it drops below a reasonable voltage. Consumers can also use this as a pass-through mod while it charges. Watch the screen for warnings of high temperature, low resistance, or reverse polarity.

Kanger Nebox

Kanger NEBOX Colors

This fabulous, small machine has big ideas like 60W of power and 0.15-ohm temp control resistance. The sub-ohm tank inside holds up to 10 ml of e-juice and there is an optional rebuild deck sold separately.

The Big Deal About Temperature Control Mods

Owners of VV/VW mods have been wondering: should I give up my Variable Watt device for a TC (Temperature Control) mod? Are the advantages worth my money or can I trust the device I own now to behave safely and efficiently?

That would depend on the device you own and what you are comparing it to: some VV/VW mods contain the top microchips made by Evolv and are protecting you constantly against overheating. Meanwhile, the cheapest TC mods could be worthless.

Overall Greatness

As always, it pays to buy a product from a reputable brand. In general, Temperature Control mods are better than their predecessors. They aren’t slightly safer or marginally more efficient: these are amazing little machines.

History of TC Revolution

A year ago you could find a few devices which offered temperature adjustment: it wasn’t completely unusual, but Variable Wattage was still the mainstay. A Variable Watt box mod or tubular vaping device would allow the consumer to set output so high that temperatures were at risk of becoming a danger, but they could also behave sensibly.

Paired with an atomizer featuring sub ohm resistance above the minimum or even low resistance instead and used in the hands of a sensible person, a Variable Watt vape mod was generally safe. It doesn’t hurt that those same mods (still available from numerous retailers) contain a microchip designed to facilitate both control and protection, including protection against overheating. If a mod of this sort overheats, wattage is automatically adjusted, thanks to the chip.

Overheating Problems

The reason for developing chips which prevented overheating was a simple one: some mod users had proven that a little battery can cause a lot of damage, and not just to the device they were holding or their personal safety.

The recklessness or lack of knowledge of some vapers led to injury and destruction around them. It was time that smart people released a PCB (control board) to prevent the consequences of stupidity from spilling over and also to protect ordinary people from malfunctioning machines.

Even well-made products break down sometimes, and when you’re talking about 200 watts plus two or three Lithium Ion Cells, malfunction can lead to carnage.

Features of Temperature Control Mods

Finally, TC mods started showing up regularly in 2015. All the major companies upgraded their mods with suitable temperature control chips and these provide new features. The Variable Watt function typically remains with the addition of at least one TC mode.

That inner chip, which always recognized and monitored resistance for safety, now also knows what type of material your atomizer coil is made from. You can set up in VW mod using an atomizer made from any of the usual suspects: Kanthal, stainless steel, and Nichrome.

They must be built to the minimum VW atomizer resistance or above and that is usually 0.2+ ohms. In VW mode, however, you cannot hit the minimum resistance your PCB will support overall: that’s reserved for TC vaping with special coils.
Special Coils

These are coils made with more expensive metals: Nickel 200 (an alloy of greater strength than NiChrome) and Titanium. These metals are temperature-sensitive and hold heat well. This means that although heat penetrates them more slowly, they hold that temperature more easily than cheap alloys do.

As a result, TC coils can manage sub ohm resistance below 0.1 ohms: 0.05 ohms is common figure of resistance in their case. This allows devices supporting such coils to create even bigger clouds and produce hotter vapor consistently under safer conditions.

Advantages of Temperature Control Mods

You can probably see just by reading the statement above: TC devices are potentially safer (when well made) and definitely more efficient. Many vapers also believe the vapor they produce is superior to that of a VW/VV vape mod. Let’s tackle those features one at a time.

Safety of TC Vaping

If a mod is being operated in one of the TC modes (corresponding to a particular coil type) then the PCB is always monitoring wattage. The vaper decides he wants his vapor to be very hot: 500F or more. In this case, his device will run at the top wattage level possible after pre-heating. Over the course of less than half an hour the device will reach the temperature he set and wattage will automatically drop a little at a time. Vapor is hot, but the battery isn’t working as hard. A cool battery is much safer than a hot one.

Efficiency of TC Mods

Think about what this means for your battery output and its life: less output but no reduction in performance. You don’t need to charge the battery as often because it loses power more slowly. Coils also burn more slowly in part because they are of higher quality but also because of those lower watts. Meanwhile, vapers find they aren’t using up e juice as quickly either: it’s being vaporized, not burned, leading to a slower drop in the tank tube. You can really save money operating in TC mode.

Flavor of TC Vaporizers

Now that your e juice isn’t being vaporized and not burned and coils are wearing down slowly without burning out, you never get dry hits. Your e juice never suffers from an acrid undertone created by a burnt-out coil.

Disadvantages of TC Mods

Can there be anything against a mod of this type? There is one negative: price. They tend to be a little more expensive than VW/VV mods and so are the special tanks and coils needed to run them to their fullest extent. While it’s possible to use the Variable Wattage function with regular tanks and ordinary coils, that defeats the purpose of making this investment. You will still be defended against overheating, but the TC function is safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

Even though an entire system costs more on the face of it, the evidence above shows that you will either save money in the long run or the costs of your new system will be cancelled out by savings. You’re using fewer coils, batteries are replaced and charged slowly, and e juice lasts longer in the tank.